Your talent should connect with everyone – Ali Baba tells Christian entertainers

There is an ongoing debate about whether Christian entertainers should offer their services to people of other religions. While some feel Christians should perform to only those in the same religion, others feel Christian entertainers should share their talents with the rest of the world.
Veteran comedian Ali Baba has shared his thoughts on the matter. He is of the opinion that religion should not stop entertainers from doing their jobs.

Veteran comedian Alibaba (Image courtesy Instagram)

Read his full post below:
“My take… the talent you have is for everyone. The talent a tailor has is for making clothes. Do Christian fashion designers make clothes for only Christians? The universities founded by churches, do they admit only born again? When a Christian starts to sell cars do they sell only to faithfuls. So if you open a music studio, you will say only gospel artistes can record There? Oh yes you can. But is it how it should be? You can sing, you can sing.

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