You betrayed Jonathan for Buhari – Omokri mocks Ex-IGP Abba after losing APC ticket

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri on Tuesday mocked ex-Inspector General of Police, Abba Suleman, after his scuttled senatorial ambition. Abba had obtained form to vie for the Jigawa Central Senatorial District ticket.

But the All Progressives Congress (APC) failed to clear the former top cop to contest in the primaries. Reacting on Twitter, Omokri said Abba got what he deserved. “Poor Suleman Abba, even after lying and Persist Jonathan, a man who gave him opportunity to become IGP, APC still did not give him their ticket. “Now he’s raining curses on APC and Buhari forgetting you reap what you sow”.

On Monday, Abba got so furious that he rained curses on the leadership of the ruling party. Abba, who stormed the national secretariat of the party to register his displeasure after he was delisted from the participating in the process. He said: “You are all aware that a list was released where I was duly cleared and another list was released delisting my name. This is not time for too much talk; this is time for prayers and I want you to join me in this prayer.

“The prayer is this: ‘Almighty God, any person copying you and your power should not be in the headqaurters of this APC. Almighty God, if there is already one, you know what to do so that you don’t allow him continue copying you. “Almighty God, any person claiming to be an officer of the APC, if he will not work with the vision and mission of the APC, Almighty God, don’t allow him to use the demon style of destroying.”

Abba had warned Reno Omokri to stop attacking him. Reacting to Omokri’s accusation that he was spreading falsehood against Jonathan, he threatened to make damning revelations of events that occurred during the Jonathan government. “Please tell him (Omokri) to leave me alone as a retired police officer. He cannot change the narrative of what I did in office. If I open up, his godfather (Jonathan) will be sad,” he said.

“He should know that he is talking about a former police IG and a lawyer. I am well informed about my fundamental human rights. It is my right to speak when I choose to. “That he was querying why shouldn’t I speak two or six months after leaving office, is not his business. If I can defend the right of others as lawyer, I should be able to defend my own by expressing myself.

“Out of the five IGs his boss worked with, I acted in good conscience. That much is not controvertible. I am proud to say that the police under my watch forced ex-President Jonathan to accept the result of the 2015 poll through our professional conduct.

“It was not the duty of the police to conduct election neither do we vote on election day. I have no regret over my action. Our action gave credibility to the 2015 poll which was widely acknowledged by both the local and international observers.

“For me, that translated into legitimacy for the current government. The practice all over the world is that whenever election is over everyone should work with the  government that emerged to move the nation forward. “If Reno Omokri is sad that I am in Nigeria relating with a legitimate (President Buhari led APC) government, that is his headache.”

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