Yorubas always regret associating with northerners

Former aide to the immediate past President, Goodluck Jonathan, Doyin Okupe, has said that he and other politicians from the South West have always known that associating with the Northern political elites is regrettable. Doyin said any Southwest politician can come out to prove him wrong adding that most northern politicians he had worked with played very selfish and parochial politics. The former Presidential aide said this in a post he shared on Facebook where he maintained that the northern political elites often time, make them, the southern collaborators look like saboteurs of their people.

Doyin wrote, “I chose politics over Surgery. “In choosing politics I also chose a party, NPN, with a national outlook than the regional party, UPN, that held sway in my geopolitical zone. “From then, 35years ago, and now I have always choosing national parties because of my belief in Nigeria. “I am not alone in this class of southwest nationalists. i have seniors like, Akinloye, Awotesu, Odunjo, prince adetona, M.K.O. Abiola,who are all late. Baba Akinjide is still alive and well. ”However and quite sadly I say it openly today without any fear of contradictions that with no exception, WE ALL REGRET OUR ASSOCIATION WITH THE NORTHERN POLITICAL ELITES.

“I have not spoken to chief akinjide in over 3years and I do not have his permission to speak on his behalf. Since God has preserved his life till such a time as this, nigerians are at liberty to (confirm or denounce) my statement from him. “We regret our association because the most of those we worked with played very selfish and parochial nearly based on master servant relationship. Always the interest of the north superseded every other interests and it must be achieved at any and all cost. Often times making us, the patriotic the southern collaborators look like saboteurs of our people.

“I must add here that but for general Babangida and Aliyu Gusau with very few associates, the wrong that was done by the unfair annulment of Abiolas mandate would not have been assuaged by the the creation of a political scenario which ensured head and tail, a southwest President emerged in 1999. “People may want to argue that this was not a big deal since it was Babangida’s administration itself that caused the annulment. If the annulment was an error the subsequent incaseration and death of MKO was a major disaster that had the potential to scatter this great nation for good if not carefully recompensed through a political retribution in 1999.

“Whenever we asked for the correction of the political and unjust imbalances done by the military, the northern political elites always give the untenable excuses that those actions were done by through military fiat and not the political democratic system.

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