Women Lawyers Urge National Assembly To Pass Gender Equality Bill

The International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) has urged the National Assembly to pass the Gender Equality Bill into law to curb gender-based violence in the country. Mrs Ngozi Ikenga, Chairperson of FIDA in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), made the plea in an interview in Abuja on Monday. “The bill on gender equality should be passed into law. I am appealing to the National Assembly to look at that bill again and pass it into law.

“Women need to be brought into the scheme of things in this country, let the interest of women be covered both in the Constitution and other forms of laws in the country. “We have been clamouring for this Gender Equality Bill to be passed into law but it always met brick wall, frustration and all of that. “Women should have their own place both in the constitution and in anything that concerns us in this country, because we are human beings and living in the same country,’’ she said.

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