Why Visionscape dismissed 18 of its managers

The Chief Executive Officer of Visionscape Sanitation Solutions (VSS) Ltd., John Irvine has explained why the waste management company sacked not less than 18 area managers.

The 18 area managers of Visionscape who were relieved of their duties on Friday, April 13, 2018, according to Irvine, were sacked as a result of the company’s commitment to restructure its business. In a statement made available to newsmen in Lagos, Irvine revealed that there was a cohesive change in the scope of the company’s contract, and in turn, its modus operandi.

Irvine said that the organisation had keen emphasis on performance and sustainability of the business, in the current operating environment. He said that the waste management company evaluated every employee in all functions of the business, using individual performance assessments as a basis of decision-making.

According to him, this methodology highlights the core individuals that need to be retained, considering the resizing and right-sizing of the business.

“Unfortunately, in tandem, some employees were affected by the process. We reiterate that the decision to terminate the area managers’ employment was purely a business decision.

“This is as management reviewed the manpower requirements against the backdrop of the delivery of our current scope,” the CEO added.

The Lagos State Government had reached an agreement with waste collection operators otherwise known as Private Sector Participant (PSP) operators, Visionscape Sanitation Solution to work together as partners to achieve a cleaner, healthier, and safer Lagos.

Under this new agreement, the PSP will return to their role as residential waste collectors while Visionscape will oversee the waste management infrastructural reforms in the state.

More so, Visionscape had refurbished three dilapidated Transfer Loading Stations previously managed by LAWMA in Simpson, Agege, and Oshodi.

Recall that trouble started between the PSP operators and the Lagos State Government when the government suspended their operation in the state and engaged the services of Visionscape to manage the refuse collection in the state.

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