Why Plus-sized Ladies Make The Best Wives – Beauty Queen, Doris Anyanwu

A plus-sized woman is the best any man can have as wife. Plus-sized women are sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, and very kind-hearted and accommodating”, second runner-up in the Miss Big Bold and Beautiful reveals. 
While speaking in an exclusive interview with Daily Sun, an entrepreneur and plus-sized lady, Doris Ijeoma Anyanwu, who recently emerged second runner-up in the Miss Big Bold and Beautiful South-South 2018 pageant, spoke on why plus-sized ladies make the best of wives.
Here are excerpts from the chat;
From what you have experienced over the years, what lessons has life taught you?
Life has taught me to never put my trust or depend on anybody, no matter who the person is. I should depend only on God almighty..
Can you tell us about your experiences in the hands of men who spite you because of your big size?
I wouldn’t say ‘spite’ because I believe everybody can’t love me. I’ve not really met any man who would spite me because of my size. If he doesn’t love plus-sized women, why will he come to me in the first place?
Have you ever been mocked or abused or looked down upon because of your size?
Yes, a number of times, most especially, in commercial buses where people often say ‘aunty abeg pay for two seats. Again, sometimes, someone who doesn’t know me will just walk up to me and start advertising weight loss herbs.

Do you feel embarrassed by all these?
Of course, I do. But I don’t take it to heart. I just ignore and smile.
A good number of plus-sized women find it hard to marry. Is it that they are hard to get or men do not like plus-sized women?
Well, that’s your own perspective. From my own point of view, lots of plus-sized women out there are married and are still getting married. Plus-sized brides are trending all over the place. We have proofs all over the social media. If you don’t have a plus-sized bride, you’re at a loss.
Really? Sure?
Yes, 100 percent sure! A plus- sized woman is the best any man can have as wife. Plus-sized women are sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, and above all, very kind-hearted and accommodating. Plus-sized women make the best wives.
What is it that makes them thick and sexy?
Our curves, thighs, hips, boobs and butts are natural. God has made us endowed. We don’t need man-made hips and pads to look sexy.

Let’s talk about your love life. Are you in love?
No, I’m not.
Why? Are you chasing them away? Are you a snub?
I’m not a snub. Relationships don’t work for me no matter how hard I try. It’s not my thing, even though I’m open-minded and ready to experience real love.
What are your challenges?
As an individual, I am faced with people cajoling and name-calling me because of my size. I am also faced with challenges of relatives always reminding me that I am fat. People calling your attention to your food preference and recommending slimming herbs for you. And for Glamsisters as an organisation made up of females, people perceive us to be lesbians, they see us as women who have failed in life, they see us as depressed women who want to have their lives back. We also have financial setbacks to embark on projects for the growth of the organisation, most especially, the charity outreach.
Recently, you emerged as a runner-up in this year’s edition of Miss Big Bold and Beautiful South-South Nigeria pageant. How did you come about it?
I saw it as an opportunity to showcase myself as a big, bold and beautiful plus-sized woman. I also saw it as an opportunity to encourage other plus-sized women out there, by making them understand that they are beautiful, giving them a sense of belonging in the society, and that they can do anything they set their minds on. As a runner-up, I intend giving back to the society through charity outreach by creating a foundation that will support the less-privileged children. I am also organising free skills acquisition for widows and supporting them with food items.

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