Why NCC is blaming GSM subscribers for the problem of unsolicited SMS

For their supposed unwillingness/refusal to report incidents of unsolicited text messages from network providers, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) yesterday said network subscribers are to be blamed for the problem.

This is according to Mr Sunday Dare, the NCC’s Executive Commissioner in charge of Stakeholders’ Management, who was speaking in Ogbomoso during the 10th Consumer Outreach Programme (COP).

Mr Dare specifically complained that GSM users have refused to make use of measures put in place by the NCC for the swift resolution of complaints, noting that this could only mean they are happy with the current situation.

“NCC has created too many spaces. There is a gap between NCC providing the information for the consumers and the consumers actually using that information. For example, we gave out the number 2442 for consumers to complain about unsolicited calls and messages. When we started we had 900,000 people, after one year, we had 10 million people.

“We have 161 million consumers only 10 million have activated and others are complaining. Why? Because they have the information but not activating it, we have our complaints centre for 24 hours. It is left for the consumers to get the information to empower themselves.” – Dare

Speaking further, Mr Dare clarified that the NCC is not out to witchhunt network providers. Instead, it is only interested in resolving and ensuring that customers receive the best possible service.

He also disclosed that the NCC complaint centre receives as much as 8,000 complaints with a resolution rate of about 90%. It is, however, unclear whether the 8,000 complaints are received daily, monthly or yearly.

But what is important is that the network providers are willing to work towards resolving the complaints. This is because the operators know “there is a cost for non-compliance.” He said defaulting operators are always fined millions of naira on a monthly and quarterly basis. Therefore, to avoid such fines, they comply with regulations.

He concluded by reiterating that the NCC values every single consumer. He said GSM subscribers should form the habit of reaching the NCC on 622 with their complaints because such complaints will definitely be resolved.

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