West ham Co-Owner hit by a coin during fan protests at London Stadium

David Sullivan was hit by a coin during fan protests at the London Stadium which occurred as West Ham were defeated by Burnley on Saturday. Sullivan, the Hammers’ co-chairman, and his partner David Gold, left the match early following a number of pitch invasions. Police reported after the match there were four separate invasions, while two allegations of assault are also being investigated.

West Ham captain Mark Noble confronted one pitch invader, while Ashley Barnes, the scorer of Burnley’s opening goal, kicked out at another when approached. Sullivan and Gold have been verbally abused following a number of recent matches, but only yesterday did one of the pair suffer a physical injury.

It has been confirmed that Sullivan was hit by a coin thrown during the protests, with only the 69-year-old’s glasses preventing potentially serious injury. West Ham have launched an inquiry into the incidents.

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