Wenger blasts refs: It’s not ‘the dark ages’

Arsene Wenger has launched another attack on Premier League refereeing, calling Mike Dean’s penalty decision against West Brom “a farce” and saying match officials should be demoted to the Championship after making big mistakes.

“This one is a bit of a farce, honestly, because that is not serious,” Wenger said about Dean’s decision. “You do not give in the last minute of a game a penalty like that. When you see how he [Dean] shows his arm, it has nothing to do with what happened. So he sees what he wants to see.”

Wenger also said the FA is not able to hold Premier League referees properly accountable because there is a shortage of officials at the top level. “I think the system of promoting young referees does not work, and they do not give enough chances maybe to young referees to go up,” he said. “They should have a bigger [pool] and the guys who have a bad patch [should] go down to the second division.”

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