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Unexploded bomb interrupts air traffic at Berlin’s airport

Air traffic was interrupted for about an hour at Berlin’s Schoenefeld airport on Friday after an unexploded World War II bomb was found near a runway.

Bomb disposal experts have set up a safety zone around the site, according to police.

“Flight operations can take place safely and have resumed for the time being,” the airport operating company said.

The bomb was found at 12:20 pm (1120 GMT) and is to be defused sometime during Friday night.

Six incoming aircraft were diverted to Tegel, Berlin’s other main airport, during the interruption.

Six take-offs were also delayed by about an hour.

The bomb was discovered during repair work on a taxiway, a spokesman said.

Asphalt surfaces are being laid on Taxiway G, which runs parallel to the runway between the terminals and the take-off and landing strip.

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