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Trump reacts to ‘chaos in White House’

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday said the White House was not in chaos. He stated this while reacting to a wave of resignations and FBI investigators circling his top aides. Trump decried reports of “Chaos in the White House” as a “Fake News narrative” in series of tweets. “Wrong! People will always come & go,” he said after his closest aide Hope Hicks and his staff secretary Rob Porter stepped down amid interwoven scandals.

Trump’s first year in office has been a frenzy of departures and infighting, which insiders put down to clashing interests, inexperience and the president’s unique management style. “I want strong dialogue before making a final decision,” Trump said, defending his method of promoting staff argument. Trump further hinted that things were not perfect. “I still have some people that I want to change (always seeking perfection). There is no Chaos, only great Energy!” he said.

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