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Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy ‘hated’ idea of £30 cap on away tickets

Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy “hated the idea” of a £30 cap on away tickets, leaked emails have revealed.

And Levy held that view despite warnings from the head of the Premier League that clubs had gained a reputation for being “greedy b*******”.

Tickets for top flight away games will remain capped at £30 after clubs unanimously decided to continue the scheme earlier this month.

The agreement has been in place since the 2016/17 season in a bid to make games more affordable to football fans.

However, German outlet Der Spiegel has published emails from the Football Leaks documents that disclose correspondence between Levy and Premier League executive chairman at the time Richard Scudamore, who pushed for the cap on away tickets.

In the build-up to a meeting in March 2016, Scudamore emailed clubs saying: “No amount of charity giving or the deployment of slick PR can make up for the reputation we have garnered, fairly or unfairly, in the court of public opinion, of being greedy b******* and not giving two hoots for the fans.”

Levy, who referenced the Premier League’s “top six” clubs – Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham, replied: “Happy to do a call with us 6 . . . I personally hate the idea.”

Scudamore left his role in December, but is still paid by the Premier League as a consultant.

The Premier League has so far declined to comment on the emails.

However, a Tottenham spokesman said: “As a club we absolutely supported assisting away fans – however we had proposed our preferred method for supporting away fans which related to assisting with travel costs.

“The issue was debated and resulted in a unanimous decision to set the away price.”

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