Tonto Dikeh Makes Shocking Discovery About Her Boyfriend (Photos)

 Mother of one, Tonto Dikeh has discovered that her faceless boyfriend eats insects and she has promised to take drastic actions. 
Tonto Dikeh is really disgusted after she made a recent discovery and it’s led her to hint that she’s never kissing her man again. The mother-of-one found fried grasshoppers hanging on a shelf in her man’s house and when she asked him about it, the answer she got grossed her out.
Sharing a photo of the grasshopper, she wrote:
“Found these guys hanging on a shelf and i quickly turned and asked BABY hope you dont eat these…
Guess his answer??
Now I wanna puke at the sight of his LIPS…
He is never getting kissed again..
So pissed off ??..
Like i feel violated ? OR im LITERALLY A Drama QUEEN 
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Author: see naija

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