This is why GE unveiled e-learning portal for entrepreneurs

In line with its commitment to skills development and the empowerment of entrepreneurs in Nigeria, General Electric has officially unveiled an e-learning portal for its Lagos Garage advanced manufacturing training programme.

The platform was unveiled during the GE’s Lagos Garage Week to mark a year-end of activities where the company opened its innovation hub to interested entrepreneurs for curated courses in advanced manufacturing and business development.

Speaking during the exercise, the Director, Communications and Public Affairs, GE Africa, Patricia Obozuwa, said with the introduction of the e-portal, entrepreneurs no longer have to be physically present at the Garage to benefit from the innovative training the hub offers.

According to Obozuwa, Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa and for this reason, she said it was highly essential to start building critical skills of the next generation of the country’s entrepreneurs.

“Our goal is to empower Nigerian entrepreneurs with the relevant skills required to compete on a global scale. I am happy to say that so far, over 250 people have successfully graduated from the advanced manufacturing programme we offer here.

“This platform will make the training on offer at our hub reach a much wider audience than ever before, thus increasing the number of beneficiaries and making it more impactful. Our goal has always been to reach the maximum number of Nigeria entrepreneurs in a short period, delivering valuable training that they would otherwise not have access to.” Obozuwa was quoted.

About General Electric

GE has been operating in Nigeria for over 40 years, with businesses spanning a number of key sectors including aviation, power, oil and gas, healthcare, and rail transportation. In the past five years, there has been a renewed focus on the country with an eye on new service facilities and employment of more local talent to expand the company’s capabilities. GE’s portfolio of technology solutions is well aligned with Nigeria’s infrastructure needs, and is contributing to economic development and improved quality of life in the region.

Today, GE in Nigeria employs over 700 people, 98% of whom are Nigerians and serves over 100 public and private sector customers from its offices in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Onne and Abuja.

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