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The Game Accused of Paying Off Underage Girl That He Got Pregnant to Keep Quiet

Back in September, The Game was accused of getting a teenager pregnant, but he denied the claims by saying that he had never met the accuser. This time, his arch-rival 40 Glocc has alleged that The Game paid off the girl and threatened her to keep the true story from authorities. Taking to his Instagram account, Glocc said that The Game was trying to hide the girl and their baby by giving her a plane ticket to the U.S. “Having her lie saying it happened in the U.K… So Miami police don’t lock yo sick a** up!! ‘Gayme’ a child molester,” he wrote.

The 38-year-old rapper also told his followers that The Game’s manager, Wack, is just as bad. “@Wack100 yo b***h a** just as much as a pedophile for being under the n***a hugging his b***s, trying to cover it up and you tried to f**k on her too,”

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