The 5 Deepest Compliments You Can Ever Give A Guy

We all love to be complimented. Compliments are a powerful component of any relationship, especially a romantic one. Learning how to compliment a guy isn’t always a cut and dry process, but it’s a strategy well worth mastering.

Why do compliments matter? In today’s day and age, everybody is taught to feel less-than. From posts on Facebook that turn the mundane into the mind-blowing to the media filling our brains with subconscious thoughts, we need something that makes us feel good just because it does.

If you have your eye on a guy you are hoping will fall in love with you, that something to make him feel good is yourself. Obviously, telling a man he has nice muscles or that you could hardly even tell it was a toupee isn’t a guarantee to he’ll eventually commit to a relationship with you.

Real compliments are more than empty words. They’re about connection, support, encouragement, and understanding.

In fact, a woman who wants to learn what makes a man commit and open his heart to her will benefit from learning good compliments for guys — not as a way to give lip service, but as a way to allow that man to access the deepest parts of himself, helping him feel more confident and integrated as a whole. 

Of course, it’s not all about him. It’s about you, too. Compliments complement your relationship. They provide a sense intimacy that makes your union stronger. If you’re ready to learn how to compliment a guy, check out these examples of what works:

1. “I love the way you think.”

Many men are thinkers (and, believe it or not, it’s more than just those who are into Fantasy Football). When you compliment a man’s mind, you allow him to feel seen for a part of himself he secretly takes pride in.

It has nothing to do with the car he drives or the amount he makes or the dimples on his cheek. It touches his intellectual side — and men like getting touched there.

2. “The way you make decisions turns me on.”

Using this compliment is a great way to make him want you, but it’s not for everyone. A take charge kind of guy might not fall head over heels if you fake an orgasm every time he renews a magazine subscription. But for guys who have trouble taking the reins, it’s a great compliment to use.

3. “I love watching you.”

Not a good compliment to use on an ex with a six-foot fence, but in a relationship, this is a playful gesture. It’s also all-encompassing. You can tell a man you love watching him cook or mow the lawn or play baseball. This compliment tells your guy he impresses you — even when he’s not trying.

4. “You make me feel so safe because …”

If you want to know how to make a man fall for you, letting them know you feel safe in their arms is a huge step. It’s a way to give someone several compliments for the price of one.

By expressing that you feel safe, you also express your belief that he is trustworthy, strong, responsible, wise, and respected.

5. “You inspire me.”

The final compliment to give is one of the most solid praises you can ever give anyone: a nod to inspiration. Every man wants to act the hero in his own story, and this compliment allows that story to take shape. 

So, the next time he does something that inspires you — through his work, through his actions, through his willingness to act out of his comfort zone — let him know you noticed. And let him know you’re impressed. Big time.

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