The 18 Stages Of A Guy Checking You Out

I think every girl has had the experience of being very obviously checked out by a guy. I swear, it’s like they don’t even try to hide it sometimes. All you want to do is have a fun night out with your friends and yet there’s some random guy looking very clearly in your direction.

Even if you’re not interested in him, it’ll catch your attention and make you start questioning things. Sure, it seems flattering, but it can also be exhausting.

Here are 18 thoughts you’ve probably had when you notice a guy checking you out.

1. “Wtf? Why is he staring at me? Does my hair look weird?”

I thought I looked bomb tonight…

2. “Wait, maybe he’s looking at my friend.”

That’s usually the case anyway.

3. “Nope it’s me, he’s looking at me.”

What is his problem? *gives look*

4. “He’s smirking at me. Oh. My. God.”

“He’s checking me out.”

5. “He called the waitress over and is pointing at me.“

“Oh man, I’m not prepared for this.”

6. “Yep she’s coming over to me, now I have to order something.”

“How did I let this happen?”

7. “He’s gesturing towards his drink!”

“I hate this.”

8. “Why did I wear this top tonight?”

“It basically screams ‘stare at my chest!’”

9. “Is he still looking?”


10. “How do I get myself out of this?”

“I could sneak to the bathroom and he’ll never realize.”

11. “Oh my god, he’s getting up from his seat.”

“Please don’t come over to me, please don’t come over to me.”

12. “He just made eye contact with me and smiled.”

“If he tries to talk to me, I’m gonna scream.”

13. “Yep, he’s on his way over here.”

“Maybe it’s time for that bathroom break…”

14. “Okay, I’ll just talk to him. What could go wrong?”

Everything. Who knows how much this guy has had to drink?

15. “Okay, nope, time for the bathroom.”

*Runs in opposite direction*

16. “Okay, maybe I will talk to him now.”

“He was cute…“

17. “And… he’s talking to my friend.”

“I knew it!”

18. “I don’t get it, why don’t guys ever hit on me?”

No matter what situation you’re in, when a guy checks you out, you’re pretty much damned if you do and damned if you don’t. So, you might as well have some fun with it.

Take the drink and sip it proudly, and if the guy tries to talk to you, you can always run. You never know, though — maybe he’ll end up being a great guy.

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