Speed Darlington Begs Fans For Prayers

Speed Darlington has cried out over his addiction, as he asked his fans to ‘pray for him to leave marijuana alone’.

Speed Darlington who shared the photo above of what he will look like in 2030, added that it looks like his skin is melting off his face.

The US-based singer further disclosed that he will be choosing surgery over gym if presented with the choice at the moment.

He wrote;

‘Pray for me I must leave marijuana alone. Doesn’t it look like my skin is melting off my face. Ahhh if I look like this in my 40s man that would suck ass through straw. Another reason why I must bag one of these actress or musicians before I reach this stage; so by then she’s stuck with me she can’t run away no more. Between gym and surgery right now I pick sugery’.

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Author: see naija

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