Sony Unleashes Terrifying First Trailer for ‘Slender Man’

, Sony Unleashes Terrifying First Trailer for ‘Slender Man’, See-naija

The first trailer for Sony’s “Slender Man” turns a meme into nightmare. Debuted by the studio on Wednesday, January 3, the creepy trailer for the upcoming movie is bringing the internet myth to life. In the film, Javier Botet takes on the role of the titular thin, unnaturally tall entity with a featureless head and face, and wearing a black suit.

The approximately 2-and-half-minute video doesn’t give much of the movie’s plot away, but it features lots of disturbing scenes. It opens with a man saying in voice-over, “Where’s my daughter?” as several officers are seen searching for the missing girl in an eerie-looking forest. It then jumps to scenes where the said girl, played by Julia Goldani Telles, is apparently being haunted by the Slender Man.

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