‘Small Waist’ Actress Princess Shyngle Drops Mouth-watering Photos Online

Princess Shyngle appears to be fully back on Instagram after recovering from a reported failed suicide attempt. 

Princess Shyngle Ghanaian actress of Gambian descent, Princess Shyngle is going hard on her followers on Instagram with sultry photos of herself shared. The dark-skinned curvy lady has been in Lagos State for sometime doing what nobody knows on the Island area of the state. She has revealed she is opened to a romantic relationship with interested men this year in one of her picture captions which read: “I ain’t curving no niggas this year! May the best one win ……  I’m going on dates with all of y’all !! You don’t like it , cuff me”  Princess Shyngle gained fame majorly due to her uncanny body structure rather than her acting skills.

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