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Sex for marks: Senatorial candidate proposes law to protect female undergraduates

Against prevailing cases of lecturers demanding sex from unwilling students, a candidate of the Alliance National Party (ANP) for the Adamawa Central Senatorial Zone, Salihu Garba, has outlined a bill for a law to punish offending lecturers.

“Our female students are increasingly falling victims of lecturers who ask for sex that many of the girls are unwilling to give, for which reason such students are often made to fail papers that they would otherwise pass,” Garba said during a chat with newsmen in Yola.

He contended that lots of female students suffer silently because of lack of specific law and intervention body that they can complain to and be sure that they would get justice.

“The law in view would provide for panels of experts to examine every complaint of victimization and recommend appropriate remedies and sanctions,” he said, adding that, “We really need such a law for panels of experienced dons so that if a female suffers undue frustration from her lecturer, if your lectuer marks you down because he hates you for what he asks illegally but doesn’t get, the law and its provissions can be applied.”

Offering further insights on the proposed law, he said, “The appropriate pannels under the law will recieve petitions from students indicating particular questionable test or exam papers, and the given panel will remark the paper and award the appropriate score. That will determine the truth of the matter and the student’s petition treated accordingly.”

He said the recent case of a professor jailed for demanding sex from a student was among an insignificant number of duly prosecuted cases, but that the law he has in mind would facilitate a lot more cases and put lecturers in check.

A lecturer with the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Professor Richard Akindele, was earlier this month sentenced to a two-year jail term after he was found guilty of demanding sex from his student, Monica Osagie, whom he threatened with failure in his course should she refuse.

In the widely reported case, the judge of the Federal High Court in Oshogbo, Maurine Onyetenu, asserted that sex-for-marks lecturers must be punished as a disincentive to other undisciplined lecturers. She said, “This kind of issue is too rampant in our institutions of leaening. We send children to school, they come home to tell us that lectuers want to sleep with them. Even primary school pupils are complaining.”

Akindele had earlier pleaded not guilty to the charge against him when he was first arraigned before the court last month. The case had been a subject of national discourse since April when Monica first cried out against him.

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