Ronaldo will no longer face rape charge: Prosecutors

Prosecutors in Las Vegas said they would no longer prosecute Juventus star, Cristiano Ronaldo over an alleged rape at a Las Vegas hotel, after the accuser failed to name him as her attacker, when she first filed the case with the police on June 13, 2009.

‘The allegations of sexual assault against Cristiano Ronaldo cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt,’ they said in a statement. ‘Therefore, no charges will be forthcoming.’

Kathryn Mayorga claimed nine years after her first report to the police that the Juventus star sexually assaulted her in 2009 after they met at the Rain Nightclub in the Palms hotel.

Clark County District Attorney’s Office told TMZ that officers who attended the hotel on that day could not ‘conduct any meaningful investigation’ because the woman refused to identify an attacker and would not say where she had been assaulted.

‘Without knowing the identity of the perpetrator or the location of the crime, detectives were unable to search for and impound vital forensic evidence,’ the prosecutors said.

‘In addition, video evidence, showing interactions between the victim and perpetrator before and after the alleged crime, was lost. The criminal investigation was closed.’

The prosecution team maintains that a a civil settlement was reached in 2010 when Ronaldo’s lawyers paid the woman $375,000.

Nothing more was reported to police until August 2018. Ms Mayorga now named the former Manchester United player and asked for the investigation to be reopened.

She said that the Portugal player invited her up to his hot tub in the penthouse suit at which he was staying.

However, she pursued a criminal case against the star after saying that she wanted the agreement quashed.

She accused Ronaldo of asking to perform a sex act on him, leading her to refuse and say she wanted to leave the hotel.

Ms Mayorga said he pulled her onto a bed and tried to have sex with her as she fought him off, only for him to rape her as she screamed ‘no, no, no’.

The player denied the allegations and responded to the accusation by saying: ‘Rape is an abominable crime that goes against everything that I am and believe in.’

Source: Pmnews

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