Relief as NERC simplifies electricity meter acquisition for consumers

Electricity consumers across Nigeria may now heave a collective sigh of relief as the National Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has figured a perfect way to help everyone acquire electricity meters.

The Details: The plan, according to the electricity regulatory agency, is to make it possible for electricity consumers to acquire meters without necessarily paying upfront. The arrangement will enable those who cannot pay immediately to pay in installments.

There are two options consumers can choose from —finish up the payment in one year or do so over a ten-year spread. With the exclusion of VAT, the prices for the meters are as follows:

  • N36,992 for one-phased meters and
  • N67,055 for three-phased meters

Why this is good news: One of the greatest challenges electricity consumers have faced over the years is the issue of estimated billing. Some Nigerians have complained about being overbilled for services they were never even offered. This is why many people have long clamoured for automated meters so as to enable them to better monitor their consumption rates.

To this end, NERC disclosed earlier this year that strategies have been put in place to meet the metering gap. This is part of the regulator’s plans for 2019.

Later in April, the Meter Asset Providers (MAP) initiative was unveiled, just as 42 Meter Asset Providers were approved following a procurement exercise conducted by eleven DisCos. NERC also charged the DisCos to begin the distribution of the meters started from the first week of May.

But the distribution and installation of meters did not commence immediately and this was as a result of both administrative and logistics issues, according to NERC’s Commissioner of Finance and Management Services.

“Although the installations did not commence immediately across the country as anticipated, due to the need to finalise some documentations and also mobilise the supply of meters, I am happy to report that the installations of meters have now commenced across various Disco franchise areas.”


Source: Nairametrics

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