Premier League club opens largest club shop in Europe

, Premier League club opens largest club shop in Europe, See-naija

Tottenham have now opened their new club shop which they boast to be the largest football club store in Europe, much to Arsenal fan’s amusement. Despite the fact the side’s redeveloped White Hart Lane stadium is not yet opened and potentially facing further delays until 2019, the shop is open for business as of Tuesday October 23.

The store is the first part of the new ‘Tottenham Experience’ with further visitor attractions to follow once the stadium is fully complete, and it includes multiple modern features:

  • Completely cashless and only accepts payments via bank cards or mobile pay
  • 100-seat auditorium area with a 36-screen video wall to host events
  • Video screens to show fans 3D visuals of potential shirt printings
  • PS4 consoles loaded with FIFA 19 to keep children entertained

Spurs have incorporated classic local architecture into the design of the shop in order to retain familiarity for the supporters who have been attending matches for several years.

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