Plateau killings: Six given mass burial in Shonong community

Six out of the over 200 persons killed in recent attacks in some villages of Plateau state were given mass burial over the weekend in Shonong district of Riyom LGA of the State amid tight security Out of the over 200 killed, 12 were from Shonong district. While six were among those buried immediately after the incident, the remaining six were preserved for a mass burial to let the world understand their plight.

President of Berom Youth Moulders Association, Choji Dalyop Chuwang, who spoke at the grave side after the six persons were buried, said, “It has become imperative and necessary for us to let the whole world know about the recent attacks and killings in Plateau State were over two hundred people were massacred. “This act of genocide which also affected Shonong district in particular, is condemnable by any right-thinking person.

“We condemn in strong terms the various degrees of the killings in these areas and the destruction of farmlands, properties worth millions of naira. “It is on this note we want to state categorically and let the whole world know especially the international community, organisations and spirited individuals of the unpleasant events that have taken place in Shonong district to come to the aid of the community as the entire community has been wipe out and taken over by Fulani militia,” he alleged.

Chuwang said Shonong district is made of eleven villages namely Kujang, Maseh, She, Palleng, Kampwas, Zere, Nanjahai, Kasa, Ninchi, Jekko and Gong, however because of repeated attacks and killings of innocent people, the district has been destroyed and needs urgent assistance. “We wish to let the world know that Shonong community has been under siege as the attacks began since 2006. “The constant attacks have led to the loss of several lives, among them is late Senator Gyang Dantong and property, by these faceless blood thirty individuals.

“This horrific act has led the people to stay in IDP camps as the Fulani militia have taken over their lands.” Also speaking, Ngo Florence Jambol, of the Berom Women Development Association (BEWDA) decried that, ” The attackers graze into farm settlement, usurpation of farm animals and produce after sacking the villagers. “Occupation of some ungrazed and habitable homes, red lining of parts of villages as conquered territories, among others. “We seek to call on the international community, red cross to come to our aid as no presence of emergency aid have come to us,” she lamented.

The BEWDA President called on the both the Federal and State Government to come to the aid of Shonong district and other communities affected, by reconstructing them. She also called for the provision of adequate security stations in Shonong district and other affected communities. “Provision of relief materials, rehabilitation of traumatized and peace building efforts be channelled to enhance good living for the victims,” she said. Jambol demanded justice for the victims through the arrest of the perpetrators and their prosecution, and urged the government to ensure that herdsmen who occupy their land are chased out.

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