Philippines’ Duterte Sacks Govt Official Over “excessive” Foreign Travels

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday sacked a ranking Philippines government official for making excessive foreign travels mostly at government expense, a government spokesman said. Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque told a news conference in Davao City in the southern Philippines that Duterte sacked Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) administrator Marcial Amaro for frequent foreign travels with government mostly footing the bill.

Amaro was appointed by the president to the post in July 2016. According to the government documents, he made 18 official foreign travels in 2017 and six in 2016, equalling an average of four foreign trips every quarter. Meanwhile, the Association of MARINA Employees accused Amaro of impropriety. The employees sent a letter to Duterte in December detailing Amaro’s foreign trips in 2017, forcing him to look into the employees’ complaint.

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