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Petition to deduct points from Spurs over new stadium delay passes 10,000 signatures

A petition demanding Tottenham are docked points over their new stadium delay has passed the 10,000 signature mark. On the website, the petition ‘Tottenham Hotspur F.C. should get points deduction for stadium delay’ is calling on the authorities to punish the Lilywhites for their failure to open their new ground on the originally scheduled date, September 15.

Liverpool were planned as the first visitors to the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on the aforementioned date, but problems with ‘critical safety systems’ mean that match, as well as the October 6 clash against Cardiff, have been moved to Wembley – the club’s temporary home last season. The NFL fixture between Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders has also been moved to the national stadium, having been scheduled for Tottenham’s new ground on October 14. The petition explains that all these issues should lead to a punishment for Spurs, with the organiser calling for a points deduction.

It reads: ‘No timeline is in place, leaving an element of uncertainty over when the problems will be rectified and questions over when the club will begin life at the new 62,000-seater venue. ‘This is an issue that Tottenham and their owner (sic) Daniel Levy have known for some time but they continued to lead their own fans and the public up the garden path, surely the FA have to punish them for their actions, a smaller club would receive a points deduction, so what makes Tottenham an exception to this?

‘We urge you to sign the petition and Tottenham punished accordingly for their actions.’ As of Tuesday, August 21, the petition has passed the 10,000 signature mark, and is steadily increasing. There is no indication Tottenham are to be punished by the Premier League with either the docking of points or a fine, and the biggest damage appears to have been to the club’s reputation, with fans overtly critical of the way they have been treated throughout the stadium development.

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