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Paul Pogba’s performance in numbers – was he that bad?

Manchester United star Paul Pogba didn’t have the best game against West Ham but while some fans slammed him, others felt he should have stayed on. Red Devils boss Jose Mourinho, with whom the Frenchman is currently enduring a tough relationship, had no qualms in pulling the trigger though.


The Portuguese swapped him for Fred in the 70th minute, despite United being 2-0 down, and while Marcus Rashford then grabbed a goal, the substitution didn’t stop Man United losing 3-1. But just how bad was Pogba at the London Stadium? Did he really deserve the hook when his team where in desperate need of a goal?

Here at we’ve taken a look at the statistics to analyse his performance.

Possession – 4.4 per cent

Pogba isn’t the main ball player in the team in his role on the left of the midfield three so it’s not too surprising he’s not dominating the ball but the fact Nemanja Matic so 9.8 per cent of the ball – so much more than the Frenchman – is a surprise.

Pass success percentage – 88 per cent

On the face of it, it looks like Pogba actually improved in possession of the football today but when you go a bit deeper here it’s not actually as impressive. This season, Pogba hasn’t really got his passing going, apart from against Burnley where he registered his highest success rate this season (85.1 per cent), but he managed 67 passes – 25 more than the 42 he made against West Ham.

With a lower amount of passes attempted, the fewest of his campaign so far and just under the 43 he made in the 3-0 loss to Tottenham, it’s no wonder his percentage is higher.

Dribbles – 1

If he’s not passing the ball, Pogba needs to help Manchester United advance the ball through his dribbling. He attempted, and completed, just one all game. In fact, the only player on either side to make more than one was Anthony Martial (three).

Against Leicester City, when Pogba was the hero for United he made an impressive six.

Shots on goal – 3

Pogba had more shots on goal than any other Manchester United player, having three efforts. It was just a shame only one ended up on target. The number of strikes he had, though, is about par for the Frenchman this season.

Tackles – 1

With West Ham surprisingly rampant during parts of the match you would like to think Pogba was doing his all to stop the rot. However, he attempted just one tackle, although he did complete it.

Interceptions – 0

The World Cup winner didn’t cut out a single pass at the London Stadium but, when you look a little closer, he hasn’t made one interception all season in the Premier League…

Dispossessed – 2

Once again, this was a fairly par statistic for Pogba this season, the only match he’s made less in was against Watford, while he made five against Brighton and four in the victory over Leicester City. rating – 6.16/10

According to the statistics provider, this was the 25-year-old’s second worst performance in the Premier League.
His worst came against Tottenham, which isn’t surprising, but that such a poor game should come in the wake of a turbulent week will no doubt increase the column inches about him in the coming seven days.

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