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Opening fixture will not be played against Arsenal due to security fears

Tottenham Hotspur will not play their inaugural game in their new stadium against Arsenal as it has been blocked over security fears.

According to The Sun, Daniel Levy had earmarked the north London derby on March 2 as an ideal grand opening.

Police chiefs and security staff have vetoed the idea as they want the first game to go off without a hitch and do not want the added scrutiny of a derby.

There are also reportedly fears visiting supporters could take “souvenirs” and leave “calling cards” at the £850million stadium.

Spurs are already six months behind schedule on the troubled project and are due to make an announcement on the progress this week.

They could still host Arsenal at the new ground but would need it ready for one of their three home Premier League games before the derby date.

Tottenham’s new ground was due to be opened in time for their Premier League clash against Liverpool on September 15, but ongoing delays mean the new ground still has no official opening date.

The clash against Manchester United on January 13 had been pencilled in as a potential first match at the stadium, but that was ruled out as a possibility last month, with their next home fixture after that coming against Watford on the penultimate day of the month.

Despite the delays, Tottenham look certain to move to their new stadium before the end of the season, and they are likely to play at least a third of their league matches at the arena.

However, Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock believes Spurs should be forced to remain at Wembley for the rest of the season.

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