Think Politics Think People {OGANIRU-UMUNRI 2019}


Think Politics ThinkPeople Ideological vision took a greater step,

as Prestige Ugochukwu Okafor (PDP Njikoka 1 Anambra State House of Assembly Aspirant.)  has been screened to participate in the  up coming primary election of  the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Nigeria, after the screening. In a commending word from the PDP Ad Hoc Committee Chairman in quote ” You overwhelmed me by your performance, therefore I say congratulations to you and I wish you greater success in the primaries and the main election, may God be with you”.


In a response, Prestige Ugochukwu Okafor made the below remarks.

Truly, God is involve and our ideological vision of Think Politics Think People will be instilled in NJIKOKA 1. We will make our Constituency Great Again, together we can achieve it. 

Njikoka I constituency really need..
☔someone who understands what representation truly means
☔ Someone who has the knowledge and vision of what he will do as the representative of the people to improve their wellbeing.
☔ Someone who will attract meaningful projects geared towards giving his constituents financial empowerment for self reliance.
☔Its someone who will not be only Abuja based representative, but will also be having town hall meeting with his constituents to know what they want by getting their views and opinions.
☔Someone who will at all time place the interest of his constituents above every other interest while discharging his duties as a legislature.
☔Someone who possess the true qualities of a good representative.
☔ Someone who will see his constituents as one irrespective of their different political dichotomy.
☔Someone who will see himself as servant of the people.
☔Someone who is accommodating, available, accessible…..
And it’s no other person than Ugo Umunri

God bless us all

Prestige Ugochukwu Okafor
(UGO Umunri)
PDP Njikoka 1 Anambra State House of Assembly Aspirant.

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