NIPOST ignores Minister’s e-payment order, collects cash on stamps, other services

The Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) has remained defiant to the directive of the Federal Government through the Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami, that it should terminate cash transaction with immediate effect in post offices across the nation.

Findings revealed that several post offices had not complied, as they collect cash for sale of stamps and parcel posts.

in its defence, the management of NIPOST argued that cash payments are only allowed for N50 and N100 postage stamps, and parcels charge less than N1000. But some post offices, especially in Abuja, still reportedly collect cash for postal charges above the said amounts.

In a report  published by Punch, it was noted that purchase of stamps and parcel posts were still being paid for in cash.

Meanwhile, Nairametrics had published that the management of NIPOST disclosed that the service was trying its best to get rid of corrupt officers, who tampered with people’s packages and committed other forms of atrocities, before the directive that was issued on the 6th of November by Pantami.

The minister stated that dishonest individuals were taking unfair advantage of the cash payment system in NIPOST, hence, he ordered Bisi Adegbuyi, the country’s Post Master-General to ensure that all NIPOST outlets had Point of Sale (PoS) available to facilitate the implementation of the directive.

Members of the general public and all customers of NIPOST were encouraged to insist on the use of PoS or bank tellers transactions when conducting business with the Nigerian Postal Service.

NIPOST, however, disclosed that it had provided PoS machines to all its office outlets but did not have the authority to force any customer to use the PoS when making payment.

 “In as much as we want to comply with the directive, we can’t compel any Nigerian to pay with the PoS,” Director at NIPOST.


Source: Nairametrics

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