Nigerians in the US set to attract $3 billion investment into Nigeria

The Nigerian American Business Forum (NABF) has made a commitment to attract about $3 billion worth of investment into Nigeria’s economy in the next three years. This is part of the forum’s objective to tackle challenges in the country and utilise the revenue opportunity within.

The Nigerian professional forum in the U.S. led by Kenneth Shobola, who serves as NABF president, said all measures have been put in place to ensure the actualisation of the projection.

He said this during the forum’s 2019 Investment Conference with the themed ‘Entrepreneurship in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities’ at Tampa, Florida, United States. Shobola said the wealth of experience of accomplished Nigerian Diasporas will be harnessed to accelerate development of Nigeria.

“we are attracting a $3 billion investment over a three-year period. we have already identified some areas where there’s deficiencies such as healthcare.

Investment opportunity

Shobola listed the health sector as a beneficiary sector of the fund and the objective is to end the rise of medical tourism among Nigerians.

“we know there are opportunities to stem this scourge of medical tourism by looking at dilapidated hospitals or healthcare establishments that need restructuring and administrative services in addition to bringing experts in to run such facilities the way we do that here in the u.s.

“we are looking at establishing and integrating the most current diagnostics techniques and treatments options based on the expertise we have here in the united states.

“some experts such as cardiologists, neurologists, ophthalmologist, surgical interventions in the areas of cancer, diabetes and a lot of the common diseases that tend to plague our people.

The multiple opportunities in various sectors, Shobola is hopeful it will aid in achieving their goal of attaining 100 per cent youth employment. While admitting the goal is a tall order, Shobola believes the support of other Nigerians will make it possible.


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