Nigerian Actress, Adelewa Reveals The Kind Of Actresses Who Sleep With Producers For Roles

Nigerian actress, Funmi Adelewa has opened up on the case of actresses sleeping with producers for movie roles. Fondly called Morili, the beautiful role interpreter is also a producer with more than six movies to her credit. In this interview, she opens up on what she’s been up to lately, her relationship and many more. She also addressed the issue of actresses sleeping with producers for roles.

According to her, only desperate people do it.

only desperate actresses fall for it. Only God can make one famous. If you like have s*x with 20 or more producers; if you’ll be famous, you’ll be. If you won’t be famous, there’s nothing you can do about it. Directors and producers only take advantage of desperate actresses.
How do you handle your male fans?

I handle them the way it supposed to be, I treat people equally.

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