NIGERIA AT 58: How Well Thus Far. By:Alhassan Barnabas


Hallelujah, Hosanna, Alahuhakubar, Hurray were the shout of joy in the atmosphere when Nigeria was granted her independence by the British colonial government on 1st October 1960. The joy of Nigerians knew no bounds as all, irrespective of religion, language and ethnicity celebrated the freedom from imperialism packaged in colonialism.

Our independence and nationalist heroes worked hard in unison to earn this freedom with great hopes and anticipation for development, social justice, welfare, unity, self actualization and better deal for the Nigerians, considering the huge and rich natural and Human resources.

Down the lane, these dreams and hopes are hanging with many dashed without redemption___hopes of vanity. No thanks to the perverse political administrations championed by selfish, irresponsible, inhuman power drunk politicians, who have shortchanged the welfare of the people for self engradisement.

The ounces booming economy is now on its kneel, creeping and gasping for life. The very rich nation at independence, now indebted to even less richer nations. Our nations wealth is fast becoming a curse due to mismanagement and unaccountability of those entrusted with power__what a glorious shame.

Our strong unity at independence is polarized and shattered by political gimmicks, quest for power, selfish gains by leaders and the “do-or-die culture” of Nigerian politics. The sanctity of life is relegated occasioned by the unholy,unwholesome and most disheartening killing, mayhem and destruction of lives across the nation; and government seem less effective or may be ineffective in securing her citizens.

Government responsibility of providing social welfare for the people is far from attained, considering the very low standard of living, unemployment, degrading health sector, falling standard of education, environmental degradation, social injustice, mortality rates, indiscriminate killings, civil unrest, agitations and political uncertainty.

58years of nationhood, the hopes of Nigerians continue to depreciate__dimmed and gloomy as each government comes and go. Nigerians taking dead risk to go abroad for better living; with massive migration to nation far less in development, economy, per-capital-index, resources and security compared to Nigerian.

On this auspicious occasion of 58th anniversary of independence, it is a wake-up call to our leaders, not just to keep the dreams of our nation and founding fathers alive, but to work to its realization. It is a clarion call to all Nigerians not to fall prey to the deceit of politicians but to be wise in electing their representatives. What more? Nigerians must shun all political, religious and ethnic divides to work out that great nation we all saw and dream off at independence.

Happy Independence.
God Help Nigeria
God Bless Nigeria

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