NHIS Council boss reveals what she regrets about the scheme

The new Chairman, governing council of National Health Insurance Scheme, NHIS, Dr. Enyantu Ifenne, has expressed regret that the Scheme has been consistent in the news in recent times for unflattering reasons. She promised that she will take full advantage of the resourcefulness and vast exposure of the members of the council to address all thorny issues within the ambit of the laws setting up the Scheme. Ifenne made this known during an interactive session with the management team of the Scheme which was followed by a “village square” engagement with a cross-section of staff of the agency in Abuja on Wednesday.

She stated all that the bottom line of every effort and activity within the operations of NHIS are the satisfaction of the enrollees with reference to the quality of care available to them at the points of service as well as the guarantee that the dignity of his person is protected always in the health-seeking process. The NHIS Council boss, who reiterated that it was important that the legitimate interests of all stakeholders are respected for confidence building, gave assurance that she will lead the Council to provide the platform and environment for inclusiveness at all times.

The Council Chairman emphasized that she and her colleagues are in the scheme “to soothe frayed nerves, heal wounds and inspire all to bond around the obvious common commitments that we have. “As a mother, I appeal to all to drop the swords, relax the muscles, engage the minds and let’s get down working,” she appealed. She also promised the nation that her Council will direct the operations of the Scheme with due observance of transparency and accountability, to restore public confidence in the corporate integrity of NHIS.

Dr. Ifenne said she is aware staff of the Scheme are sitting on edge, while public expectation is very high with the emergence of the governing council. She however assured all of fairness and equity at all times, while the council will work extra hard to raise the stakes for the Scheme, including leading high-level advocacies to advance the objectives of the Scheme in various zones of the country. In his remarks, the Executive Secretary of NHIS, Professor Usman Yusuf expressed the confidence that the council will offer the Scheme a fresh breath of air, by dousing the tension in the system and leading the way forward.

He therefore solicited the support and cooperation of management and staff of the Scheme for the council, to facilitate their constructive interventions and leadership.

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