New Movie: Ice

Release Date:  MARCH 2, 2018Length: 1h 49m
Comedy, Drama, Stage


From the very childhood, Nadia believed in miracles. She imagined herself coming out on the ice under the ovation of the audience and dancing her most beautiful dance. And now, thanks to faith and perseverance, Nadia becomes a famous figure skater. But when her dreams of high-profile victories, a beautiful life and a beautiful prince seem to be ready to be fulfilled, fate presents her with the real test. And to get through it, she will need to believe again, as a child, in a dream. After all, maybe victory does not always have to be loud, and the beautiful prince does not necessarily travel on a white horse?


Aglaya Tarasova, Diana Enakayeva, Maria Aronova, Alexander Petrov, Milos Bikovich


Oleg Trofim

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