My Pains Of Getting Butt Implants Done – Pearl Chidinma Recounts Bitter Experience

With available technology and science, one can actually pay to have a bigger butt and boobs, but are there reverse consequences? A lady who recently went under the knife, shares story.  While speaking in an interview with Vanguard, popular award-winning stylist and policewoman, Precious Chidinma Ogbulu, who recently went under the knife to augment her butt from what it was to what she really wanted, shared her pains of getting butt implants done.
It was gathered that since she had the surgery some weeks ago, the pains arising from the surgery have not left her even though she’s a proud owner of a bigger bum, thinner waist and shapely hips.
Speaking on her painful experaience on butt surgery, she said: “The surgery was very painful. I still have waist pains everyday. My waist is rigged in and the hip bones are protruding. I need to eat properly to feed the fat. Although it feels natural and heavy but it is what I wanted and it feels good.”
When asked how she feels wearing a new bum, she said it felt all natural and heavy, since it was bigger than what it was before.
“It looks smaller now though because I lost weight and it was my initial swelling that made me think this was my jackpot. My hip which was 40 has gone up to 47. My waist has come down from 34 to 30 but I’m still working on losing the waist,” she said.
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