Miyetti Allah speaks on ‘preferring’ humans to die than cows

The Assistant Secretary of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, Benue State chapter, Ibrahim Galma, has said that its not true that herdsmen prefer the death of human beings to that of their cows. Galma also highlighted ways the clashes between herdsmen and their host communities could be brought to an end. Many Nigerians have been killed in Benue State recently following ongoing clashes between Fulani herdsmen and members of communities in the state.

Galma said they carry sharp cutlasses and knives around for the sole purpose of defending their cows from dangers. Galma, a graduate of animal science, said, “I defend my herds with my very sharp knife, cutlasses and sticks and you know that the cattle also defends herself when attacked sometimes.

“That is obviously not true. How can the life of a cow be more important than the live of a human being or a child. It is not true at all. “Though we love our cow and we would not want anything to hurt them but the life of a human being or our children cannot be compared to the life of an animal. So those saying that are not aware of what they are saying.

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