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Mercy Johnson Lock Lips With Little Daughter (Photo)

34-year old mother of three, Mercy Johnson was pictured in a seemingly awkward act with one of her kids.

Mercy Johnson raised the eyebrow of millions of her fans on social media after she shared a picture in which she was locking lips with her daughter.
The innocent but contentious picture came with a note below in which she was motivating herself and speaking on the chemistry between her and her child.
“I just can’t settle for anything less, My daughter is watching me and i have to be the woman ,I want her to be….I am so guilty of hugging my kids till they say mummy “Its ok” I peck them too,it’s inexplicable and innocent..May God help us to do better as moms……No one is Perfect….No one…..
Good Morning friends….” she captioned the photo.
The image hasn’t gone down well with some fundamentalists who have linked it with an act of incest.

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