Manufacturers Association makes moves to position Nigerian goods

The newly-elected President of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), Mr Ahmed Mansur, has spoken about the Association’s plans to present a compendium of local manufacturers to the Federal Government.

This will serve as a guide to all Government procurement activities, and by extension avail Nigerians the opportunity to easily access quality made-in-Nigeria goods, he said. Mr Mansur, who disclosed this during MAN’s 46th AGM which was held on the 27th of September, also revealed that a list of locally manufactured goods has already been compiled. This would also be made available to the Government.

Speaking further on this development, Mr Mansur said:

“They have to know who and where to contact to get quality made-in-Nigeria goods; so, this is the first step we have carried out. Our interactions with the Bureau of Public Procurement are also steps in the right direction so that we understand the requirements and their expectations.”

On the Executive Order 003…

The MAN President also used the occasion to commend the Federal Government’s Executive Order 003, which seeks to advance the Nigerian economy by encouraging patronage of locally-manufactured goods; especially patronage by public procurement agencies.

He also said that his Association is committed to the Executive Order 003 and will “work with the Federal Government to ensure that the Nigerian manufacturing sector is competitive.”

One of the ways this can be achieved is by collaborating with Government agencies and ministries, Mr Mansur said.

Note that the ultimate goal is to encourage Nigerian manufacturers “to compete both in terms of price and quality. I believe if we continue to work with the government in this manner, we will bridge the gap between us and the public sector requirements.”

 About the Association’s AGM and the new administration

As noted earlier, Mr Mansur stated all these during MAN’s recently held AGM. The theme of the AGM was Mainstreaming Industrial Policies to Catalyse Industrial Renaissance. It had in attendance a representative of Mr Nana Akufo-Addo, who was invited as the Guest Speaker.

There was also a power transition at the AGM, which saw the former President, Dr Frank Jacobs, handing over the mantle of leadership to the new one.


Source: Nairametrics

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