Kim Kardashian Won’t Invite Her Surrogate to Family Christmas Party

Kim Kardashian ‘s surrogate won’t be joining the reality TV star’s family Christmas party this year. A source revealed that the ” Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star’s not going to invite her surrogate, who is currently carrying her third child with rapper husband Kanye West, and she has her reasons for it.

It has nothing to do with the surrogate herself though, as Kim loves her, the insider noted. The insider said, “It’s hard, but for the most part Kim’s stepping back and trying not to micromanage her surrogate.” Kim is said to be trying to keep healthy boundaries, “and that includes on her side, too.” The source continued, “She’s not bringing this woman into her inner circle — she’s not inviting her to spend Christmas with them. It’s too confusing for the kids and to be honest that’s just not the nature of this relationship.”

The source also assured fans that “there’s no big drama” between Kim and her surrogate, revealing that “Kim’s actually planning to send a bunch of Christmas gifts to her surrogate and her family this year. She wants to spoil her surrogate and show her gratitude.”

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