Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Expecting Twins

It looks like Kate Middleton and Prince William need to make room for two babies instead of one this April. The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly expecting twin girls next year after an insider said that Kate had a strong feeling she might be carrying two babies.

“She had an inkling it might be twins because she’s gaining more weight this time than she did during her previous pregnancies,” the source explained, adding that her suspicions were dramatically confirmed during routine test. “She normally can’t keep weight on during pregnancies, but this time she’s been joking that she feels like a bloated sausage!” the source continued. “When she found out that she was carrying twins, it all made senses.”

The source further tells the publication that she can’t wait to tell the Duke of Cambridge as they “have always said they would feel blessed to even have one more child — to get two at once is a dream!”

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