I make use of commercial buses frequently and if the driver has no conductor, a passenger will take up the role and collect our monies; that passenger will still pay his fare.

The other day, the keke napep i boarded stopped on the road, we had to come down and push for a long distance before it started, all the driver said was “thank you”, but he still collected our money.

Another bus i entered at night had no functional head lamp, i literally had to use the touch with me to show him the way; i still paid him.

Or is it when i enter a taxi and sit in the front, the driver will say, ‘oga na two for front o’. The person that sits close to the gear handle will still pay same fare as others.

Why am i saying all these? Nigerians don’t care about what happens during the journey, all we need is to arrive our destination.

If our leaders were smart enough, they will know that it doesn’t take much to please Nigerians; just do something and you will be applauded.

Gov. Wike is the man of the people in Rivers state because he did (or is doing) something. The projects he is executing “may”not be up to the allocation he receives monthly, but he is doing something. Nobody is asking for the remaining balance.

Let our leaders do something!

By Udochukwu Ernest Nwoha

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