Jokes aside, Frank Donga has some advice for HR Execs and employees

Nigerian comedian and actor, Frank Donga, recently took to his Twitter page to advise companies’ Human Resource Departments to be nicer to their staff.

According to him, HR Executives should not always be in a haste to issue query letters and threaten to terminate employees’s engagements over offences that could easily be resolved. This is because employees are human beings who might be going through all sorts of challenges.

Therefore, he advised that HR Executives should be considerate sometimes, treating employees’ offences with love and care. This is important because employees are the biggest resource any company can ever boast of having.

Dear HR, not every time catch late comers, send query or threaten to fire. some of your staff are fatigued, unhappy & broke. Some even have family and health issues. Show them love. Without the H, your R is useless.

— Frank Donga™ (@frankdonga_) April 6, 2019

He also had some words of advice for employees

In as much as it is important for HR Executives to be compassionate, it is also important for employees to behave well and have the best interest of the company at heart. This is the takeaway from Frank Donga’s followup tweet.

According to him, bad employees who care less about organisational success and never deliver on KPIs, deserve employers as bad as them.

If you’re the kind of employee that doesn’t care whether the company survives or not, that never delivers, never meets deadlines or targets and never adds value, you DESERVE an employer like YOU.

— Frank Donga™ (@frankdonga_) April 6, 2019

Why it matters 

Although HR Departments are more or less the “policy police” of every corporation, it is also important that HR Execs exercise care when implementing policies. After all, love and compassion are vital HR skills. Moreover, the HR Department is meant to serve as a link between between employers and employees; meaning that the interests of the employees must be considered, just as much as those of employers.

At the same time, it is imperative for employees to always work do the right thing at the right time, whilst putting organisational interests first.

Reactions on Donga’s post

Many of Mr Donga’s followers on Twitter agreed with him, even as some narrated how having good bosses and HR Execs helped make their work life easier and enjoyable.

See tweets below:

Someone once said, treat your employees so well, that they treat your clients better. My boss was very flexible with time then and we tend to work over time without asking for compensation. We moved mountains for the brand, all because of his man-management skills.

— Omo’ba Adetule (@otunbakunle) April 7, 2019

I used to have a boss, he just casually strolls into the secretariat and goes like “why are your faces looking so dull and gloomy??”,throws bants around n then sends his P/A to the nearby Mr.Biggs to get snacks,foods and drinks for us all. Wherever he is he’ll always be favoured.

— Dr. Fisher (@Lordfisher2) April 6, 2019

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