“It’s not by force to do designer bags and shoes” – Funke Akindele

Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele has given words of advice to her followers on her Instagram page as she tells them to rather take the positive side to social media than the negative. Funke is obviously aware of the ‘fake it till you make it’ trend on social media and she’s told her followers not to join the band wagon…

On her InstaStories, she wrote,

It’s not by force to do designer bags and shoes. Pls it’s not by force !! No competition in it o. If you can afford it,buy it ,if not buy cheaper brands

Social media has both negative and positive impact on people. How has it impacted in your life? Reality check!!! Are you copying negative things? Are you trying to compete with someone? Are you promoting your biz or brand? Are you getting good ideas and making use of the? Think!!

Remember that all that glitters isn’t gold o!! Always ensure that you are true to yourself! Don’t get carried away by all you see on social media!

Different strokes for different folks. Just take a step at a time and you will surely get there

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