itel Mobile Overtakes Rivals In Market Retail Volume

A recent report from Euromonitor International, based on mobile phones in Nigeria has reflected that one of Transsion Holdings biggest mobile phone maker, itel Mobile passed Samsung, Nokia and Huawei to hold the second position in retail volume with a market share of 25.8% – a commendable feat to crown the brand’s efforts in becoming a top market leader in 2018.

Despite the influx of Chinese manufacturers and domestic players in the business landscape with strong price competition and demand for high quality products, the report revealed that Transsion Holdings still holds the top position with the highest brand market share in the Nigerian mobile phone industry as at the end of August 2018. With itel’s key interest in focusing on long-lasting battery technology and camera capabilities, this surge in brand’s shipment and market share can be traced back to the manufacturer’s consistent smartphone launch in Q2 and Q3, strong distribution network, availability and variety of affordable feature phones and smartphones, pitted directly against Nokia and Gionee’s portfolio.

More recently, the increasing use of social media and upgrade to smartphones by target market segments especially young consumers due to the economic growth and dependency on internet-enabled services, the report forecast a strong volume growth in smartphone penetration in Nigeria. Furthermore, following the early and successful passage of the Telecommunication Critical Infrastructure Bill by Nigeria’s National Assembly, competitive pricing among internet service providers is expected to boost internet usage to more affordable internet provision in Nigeria, which is at 47% of the population in 2018.

The Chinese conglomerate, Transsion Holdings has remained a dominant force within the Nigerian mobile phone industry with a retail market share of 75.2% taking an increase from 73 % in 2017. The global brand continues to combine its technological prowess with design and innovation to gain industry attention with products created groundbreaking interactive and immersive consumer experiences. Their continuous success is as a fact of the brand’s carving a niche for itself by creating a variety of smartphones to meet the needs of the diverse income segments of the growing population.

Oke Umurhuhwo, Brand Communication Manager, itel Mobile said the products of the company are unique in the competitive market, adding that trendy, reliable and affordable devices have always been the hallmark for every itel smartphone, with a very strong presence in the feature phones market. However, as the competition intensifies from new and old competitors, itel Mobile will be faced with never-seen-before competition at the lower brand market with new entrants like TAMBO Mobile.

The underlying question remains, will itel Mobile and Transsion Holdings continue to hold a sustainable position at the top ahead of other smartphone brands? Umurhuhwo said: “Over the years, since its inception, itel Mobile has taken the world by storm with a displayed evidence of strategic communication to meet the needs of its target market, nevertheless it will be interesting to see the brand leverage on its strong growth to implement strategies and overcome the associated negative perceptions and stiff competition.”

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