ITEE & YEMI’s 01-09-2018 SAVE THE DATE

The best kind of love finds you when you are not looking for it. Neither ITEE nor YEMI thought love was made for them until they met each other and got talking. NYSC ,2014 was the platform where they both met, after a lot of troubles and persuasion, Itee finally said yes. And despite the far distance between them, destiny finally made it a reality today. From what felt like a mere “getting to know you” process, an admirable union was formed.

Its always fun when we shoot friends and family. Shooting ITEE & YEMI was a great pleasure for us at SEE NAIJA. It says a whole lot when we get call backs from a family, it only makes us strive to be better at what we do. These two are such a great pair together. The one thing that was constant between them was the love they understood and shared, It oozed in between shots, with various gestures that pronounced their feelings for each other. SEE NAIJA wish you guys the very best in your marriage together. 

  • Toast: No sooner met,but we looked, No sooner looked but we loved,No sooner loved but we sighed,No sooner sighed but we asked one another the reason,No sooner knew the reason but we sought the remedy;and in these degrees have we made a pair of stairs to marriage..YEMITEE                              


  • Save the date 01-09-2018
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Author: see-naija

6 thoughts on “ITEE & YEMI’s 01-09-2018 SAVE THE DATE

  1. True love is what I learnt from you both, to share and give… yet remain happiest all the time
    Since the time both of you met, life has been bliss for you both with friends that includes me…… True love has made this possible…… happy married Life…

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