Iran attacks President Trump

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday came under fire from Iran. Iranian FM spokesman Ghasemi advised him ​​to stop meddling in its domestic affairs​. Foreign Ministry Spokesman​, Bahram Ghasemi said this in reaction to Trump’s tweets about Iran in which he called the nation ‘hungry for food’​. Ghasemi said​: “​T​he completely contradictory and haphazard stances adopted by Donald Trump against the Iranian people are nothing new.”

“​H​e recently called Iranians a ‘terrorist nation’ and provoked their anger by using a fabricated name for the Persian Gulf​. “​And now under the façade of compassion for them, he is addressing this culturally-rich nation with a thousand-year-old civilization with offensive words. ”​There is no doubt that the great and cultivated Iranian community across the world will have reactions to Trump’s insults​.​”​

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