IK Ogbonna’s Estranged Wife Reveals That She Has Been Battling Depression For Years

Sonia Morales, IK Ogbonna’s estranged wife took to Instagram to reveal that she has been battling depression for several years and she’s now living her best life.

Depression is a quite dangerous mental health struggle, and so many people have pulled through. IK Ogbonna’s wife is just one of them. She says that she fixed herself up, and we can definitely see it!

She writes:

“I fixed myself up so damn well! To think I suffered from a serious depression for years and to be at the place of love,light and peace that I know today is magnificent. Nothing more priceless then a journey of awakening and light ⭐️❤️Here is a confession: in my entire life, I never felt this good, and I am very aware: its just a beginning! #ARealLifeMagic #SoniaLaReinaa”

Currently, no one is certain about Sonia’s status with her husband, IK Ogbonna. However, rumours flood in that they are separated.

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