Ifu Ennada reveals she’s lost friends after BBNaija because they couldn’t accept her new lifestyle

Big Brother Naija; Double Wahala contestant, Ifu Ennada, 3 has revealed that she lost 2 friends after leaving the Big Brother Naija house. According to her, her friends changed towards her because they were upset that she doesn’t give them as much attention as before.

She went on to explain that there’s now so much pressure on her and asked if they would rather she has all the time for them but stays poor.


So I’ve lost 2 friends since I left Big Brother. No, they didn’t die, they just changed because I don’t call them as often as I did in the past. I wish they could understand the pressure I’m constantly under…Some days I completely forget to eat because I’m so immersed in my Work.

Would you rather have me call you all day and not utilise this #BBNaija platform? Did you prefer me when I was broke and suffering?
I have only seen my parents once since I left the house, but they completely understand.
This is just sad.

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